CDC 2021

Question: Does the Chapter Advisor have to upload the video files to YouTube?

A: No. Have the students do that part and then email you the URL/Link needed to submit. You can review the videos if you want to make sure the students are following the guidelines. Students likely have experience uploading videos and/or are familiar with those platforms and can handle that step.

Question: Can videos be recorded at home?

A: Yes. Recordings can be done anywhere. We recommend a quiet setting with a neutral background. If the recording is done at home, a gathering place like a living room, dining room, den, or study is recommended. Students may NOT record in a bedroom or bathroom.

Question: Do I have to watch each video before I submit the link?

A: No. We understand that some advisors will want to review the videos, but this is not a required step. You don’t screen what they say in a role play normally. If you trust that your students haven’t said or done anything inappropriate, then I don’t think there is a need to review them prior to submitting. If you have a concern, you could do just that. If you want each video reviewed but you simply don’t have the time to do them yourself, consider having students watch each other’s videos, or assign your officer team to review them, prior to you submitting the link.

Question: Can students use a digital background that is related to their event?

A: Students that are in prepared events CAN use a digital background. Have them practice their presentation with the digital background, including any hand gestures they may make to ensure that the digital background does not become a distraction.

Students in role play events may NOT use a digital background.

Question: Should students simulate the handshake as they begin their presentation?

A: There is not an “official” beginning to any presentation, virtually or in-person. We recommend that students approach their prepared presentations as video conferences. Students in role play events can adapt the setting to fit their respective scenarios as they see fit. Obviously the setting this year is different, but it also gives the students an opportunity to think creatively and stand out.

Question: Do the students need to change their names that appear on Zoom (or other virtual meeting platforms)?

A: They can, but it’s not required. We have found that some videos do show the student’s name when recorded, and some don’t. To be sure that the student’s name doesn’t appear, they can rename themselves to a single ‘space’.

Question:  Can students share their screen?

A:  If competing in a role play event, students may NOT share their screen.

If competing in a written/prepared event, students are allowed to share their screen as part of their presentation.