CDC 2024

As questions come in we will post them here for everyone – this page will be updated up until CDC 2024.



Q: Is the advisor considered one of the two who send voting delegates to the business session?

A: No, they need to be student members to serve as voting delegates.

Q:  Will students be expected to shake hands during their competition?

A: Obviously during the pandemic introductions have been and are expected to be handled carefully. Do you shake hands? Do you not shake hands?

Students should plan ahead of their competitions and interviews to find a way to introduce themselves that is both professional and considerate. Students who are comfortable shaking hands could simply ask if the judges are comfortable shaking hands and proceed as needed. Judges often appreciate that a student would think to ask if they felt comfortable. If a student is not comfortable shaking hands they should practice and create a plan for how they will introduce themselves. The important thing to remember is that a student is still expected to make some sort of introduction.

No student will be have points deducted due the lack of a handshake, however students should be prepared to professionally introduce themselves during their competition.

Q:  Can CDC registration be payed for with a credit card? 

A:  Yes, contact our Oklahoma DECA bookkeeper, Rose Devers, for assistance with this (