Candidates for President 

Subaha Kibria 

My name is Subaha Kibria, and I think that I would be the perfect candidate to run for DECA state office this year. I believe that I would be the perfect fit for a position on the council because of my hard-working nature, my determination to always find a solution, and because I have always felt the need to help and lead my peers. I know how much work comes with a position on the team, and I understand and commit to it fully. If I were to attain a position on the council, I would put my officer duties above all else, as I understand just how serious of a responsibility it is. I would love to offer another perspective to the team, and show my fellow DECA members that anything is achievable, no matter where you are from or what beliefs you have. I believe that my love for DECA as a whole would also make me the perfect candidate to run. I have seen firsthand how the organization brings in timid high school students, and releases them as strong leaders of the future. Overall, I fully accept the responsibilities that come with a role in office, and believe that I am the perfect candidate to do so.

Mason Phillips

Hello, my name is Mason Phillips and I am a two-year DECA student who wishes the best for all of Oklahoma DECA. DECA is a club that has brought me closer to people and helped me learn more about marketing, and how to put myself out there and be confident. For the past year, I have been an officer for my DECA Chapter and it has given me a view of what I can do to help and what it takes to be a leader. As a state officer, I would do all in my power to make sure every member of this great program can feel the same way I have. I believe if I were appointed the role of a State Officer it would allow me to not only lead Oklahoma DECA but to lead others the way I was.

Candidates for Vice President 

Briley Brundidge

Hello, Oklahoma DECA! My name is Briley Brundidge, and I am seeking a position on the State Executive Council. I wish to be a state officer because I am passionate about DECA and would love the opportunity to serve and uplift its members while growing as a leader myself. I absolutely love our organization and its values, and I want to share my passion with each and every member of Oklahoma DECA!

Meagan Edwards

My name is Meagan Edwards, I am a junior at Edmond Memorial High School and I am running for a state officer position in Oklahoma DECA. I wish to be a state officer so that I can give back to all DECA members and learn how to connect with people. As a state officer, I hope to be able to repay the community that has shaped me into becoming who I am. A hardworking and loving community that shares wisdom and heart to all who seek guidance. DECA is that community; the atmosphere encourages innovation within our minds, allowing for a deeper understanding of our world and how it functions. I have seen many people find themselves within DECA, and I have met many wonderful officers that helped shape a person’s experience in DECA. That is who I wish to be, the state officer helping people learn who they are and who they want to be. The officer motivating people and listening to their problems, whether it be at home, school, or in their friend groups. My wish is to be the rock, the foundation that everyone can rely on to be helpful, kind, and willing to make a difference.

McCartney Holmes

My name is McCartney Holmes, and I am running for state office. DECA has done many things for me in the last three years. It has brought me lifelong memories and many friendships. But before I was in DECA, I was a really shy kid. I would make my parents take me to volleyball and watch me/play volleyball with me because I was too scared to talk/play with the other kids. Even in my first semester as a DECA student, I was shy and nervous about presenting to the class and making friends; I was also afraid to compete. Then, during my second semester of freshman year, I started participating more, came out of my shell, and applied to be a chapter officer. In my Sophomore year, I was a chapter officer, organized the Spooktacular, competed at state, and competed at ICDC. Now I am in my Junior year, a chapter officer, I have organized the Spooktacular, and now I am applying for state office. I am applying because I want to help make people feel comfortable in DECA and help bring people out of their shells, just like DECA has done for me.

Kendall Jones

I Kendall Jones want to run for Oklahoma DECA State Executive Coucil to better ensure members and the future emerging leaders of the Oklahoma DECA community are empowered through ambition. Additionally, I would like to advance my understanding of DECA and the business career world around me. As a marketing student, I have developed a deep passion for leadership and want to use my problem-solving, critical thinking, and team communicating skills as well as learning with an open-mind. DECA has personally made an impact in my life giving me the confidence and knowledge to pursue my career dreams and a life outside of high school. I have also acquired intentional and meaningful friendships that I will never forget. I always ask myself “what do I want to be remembered for?”. I want to be remembered for the impact that I have made on someones life by being an inspiration. An inspiration to strive for goals whether it’s a project, school work, or competition. One thing I want to embody on the Oklahoma DECA State Executive Council is inspiring the next generation of DECA leaders to succeed within Oklahoma, the Southern Region, and around the globe! Everyone needs a role model.

Niday Joseph

Hello! My name is Niday Joseph. I’ve been an active DECA member at Edmond North High School for the last two years. I was interested in business from a young age and always knew I wanted to pursue this field. I first heard about DECA in elementary school from one of my biggest role models and was intrigued. I joined DECA to learn more about marketing. During these past two years I participated in all the events and opportunities I was given, through these I found a sense of home and belonging. Not just with my career field but also with my friends and our shared interests. I want to become an officer to share my experience with others and have them feel the same sense of belonging and direction that DECA provides. Many people think that DECA is just the “cookie class”, but I want to advocate to current members and the younger generation of students that DECA is so much more than that. It’s the business behind the baking! I see being a Vice President as a great opportunity to bring more people to the organization and in turn, help to lead my peers to a successful future.

Diana Nguyen

My name is Diana Nguyen, and I’m a junior at Mustang High School. Throughout my DECA journey, I found confidence in my voice, and I hope by taking a step by becoming a candidate for state officer for DECA, I can spread positivity inside and outside of DECA and help others find a passion inside DECA as I did. When I joined DECA, I knew nobody, but I knew I wanted to try to compete in two events, one of which, I am proud to say I was a top 10 presenter in my event internationally. I was always timid and afraid to speak out. However, with the help of many new friends and advisors, I found a voice inside of me I didn’t know existed. I know how intimidating it is to do something when you are alone, but I hope I can encourage more people to take the chance to do something they never thought of before. I want to be not only a confident person who can lead but a friend as well. I want to see DECA inspire people and become a place for all members to have fun, be motivated, and feel safe.

Joanna Quezada

My name is Joanna Araceli Quezada and I’m applying to be a candidate for State Office in Oklahoma DECA. I wish to be a candidate because of my passion for leadership and love of DECA. Ever since I joined DECA, I have grown and prospered tremendously. My past DECA officers were an inspiration and taught me how to challenge myself. My journey with DECA has taught me valuable business and leadership skills. As I continue my journey with DECA, I’m excited about my continuous learning and improvement. This is something I hope to accomplish with Oklahoma DECA. I want to be an inspiration to others. Through my dedication and drive I wish to show my passion for Oklahoma DECA. I will always strive to do my absolute best and I’m not afraid of a challenge. As someone who is very open minded, I’m always thinking outside of the box. Through my unique perspective and abilities, I want to continue growing Oklahoma DECA. I want to make DECA an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students.

Abdullah Raja

My name is Abdullah Raja. When first coming to high school I wanted to be a part of a program that I would be able to enjoy and benefit from for the entirety of my high school career. That’s when I discovered DECA. Since joining DECA I’ve seen a major improvement in my communication skills and more opportunities to get involved with my community. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 2023 Fall Leadership Conference, where I was able to network with other members and state officers. Meeting and speaking with the state officers gave me an entirely new perspective on what DECA had to offer. When seeing all that I could accomplish it motivated me to try running for state office. As a state officer I would be able to motivate people to pursue their dreams and ambitions and give them the strength to never give up. A position like this would mean being able to build stronger relationships with my community and the people in that community. DECA has had a bigger impact on me than any other organization, and I would like to be the person to help carry the torch.

Arleen Ramos

Hello my name is Arleen Ramos and I am a student at Edmond North High school. I would love to expand my knowledge within DECA and introduce this amazing organization and its opportunities to other students. I would love to be a DECA State Officer because this organization has transformed me into a better person; therefore, I want other students to see the possibilities for themselves in DECA too! It’s been a great experience so far and I’ve become a better person through this organization. The leadership skills and training you get from DECA is not offered in other organizations. I have been able to lose the fear of public speaking thanks to DECA and its different opportunities to step out of my comfort zone. There is no limit to a person’s dreams unless they limit themselves. I want students to take advantage of DECA. The organization really pushes your limits and opens doors for you. I want other students to be aware of the opportunities that DECA has to offer. The people you get to meet and the career opportunities that are available through this organization help you become truly college and career ready!

Candidates for Collegiate Vice President 

Tucker West

My vision for Oklahoma Collegiate DECA is one of inclusivity, where every member feels valued and supported. I am committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization, ensuring that DECA becomes a place where all voices are heard and celebrated. I am driven by the belief that together, we can achieve extraordinary things. With your support, I am dedicated to enhancing our DECA experience, fostering a sense of belonging, and guiding our members towards success. Thank you for considering me as your candidate. Let’s embark on this journey together and make Oklahoma Collegiate DECA a beacon of inspiration and achievement.