Candidates for President 

My name is Damien Guo. Every human has a mission in this world, mine is to help others. Help others to realize their self worth and to really make an impact on their lives through my words and actions. I have not been the best steward of those words before; however, I believe that anyone can change themselves through effort and time. I want others to look at my imperfections and to learn from my mistakes, to see me on the council and tell themselves that they can do it too. I want to be the inspiration that kick starts a change in a person’s life, big or small. All this to say, I want to be the difference in this world, to change it through my bold actions. I want to run for office because I want to help people, make an impact on their lives, and inspire others to become the best versions of themselves.

Hello Oklahoma DECA! My name is Reed Ragaini, and I am so happy to have the opportunity to run for DECA State office. I am thankful for everything deca has provided for me as it has given me the chance to be involved in my chapter and make many friends along the way. For the past two years I’ve been a member of my chapter officer team where I’ve had the privilege to gain
leadership and team decision making skills. I applied what I learned as an officer to help run successful chapter meetings, set up food nights, and get members prepared for state competition. What I’ve learned more than anything while being a leader in DECA is the importance of having a vision. By identifying objectives, defining what you hope to accomplish,
and setting a plan of action is the best strategy for all teams to implement as it is sure to lead to rewarding success. The opinions, visions, and ideas of our members at the chapter level was my first priority. I want the same thing for Oklahoma DECA as I want all members to be heard and feel appreciated.

Candidates for Vice President 

I, Keegan Bellefeuille, would like to be a candidate for state office because I believe after moving schools, running and being accepted into student council, and being in DECA for a year I have learned how to be a better leader, how to communicate more efficiently with my peers and teachers, gained better social skills, and have gained a better understanding of the true benefits and importance of being apart of DECA, which I believe will help me be a great leader to my fellow DECA members.

I have been a proud member of DECA for three years. And while I only recently participated in Oklahoma DECA’s CDC for the first time, that’s definitely not where my DECA journey began. I have volunteered in many of our DECA Chapters projects throughout the years. It was during CDC 2022 that I got inspired to run for state office. There I met lots of new DECA members. This also includes all the current State Officers and the Southern Region Vice President, Rajan Chitrao. Chitrao especially stood out to me as a speaker during the conference. After the conference was over, I personally talked to him in the hallway of the hotel we were staying at. I asked him many questions about DECA and his personal life, and he truly left an impact on me, inspiring me to work harder and run for State Office. My experience in DECA has given me valuable leadership, management, communication, public speaking, and life skills in general. I have a great passion for DECA and what it represents, and it would truly be an honor to use these rewarding skills to represent DECA as a part of the State Executive Council.

Hi! My name is Isabelle Dodge and I attend Francis Tuttle Technology Center. I would like to run for a state position because I am ready to become more involved in DECA and I want to help lead Oklahoma DECA to success. I want to be able to contribute to Oklahoma DECA by being involved in planning events and help us get the edge!

Hello! My name is Peighton Harak and I am a junior at Edmond North High School. I have been a DECA member since 2020, my Freshman year, and this year I am one of the Vice Presidents for Edmond North DECA. I am looking forward to expanding my involvement in DECA and would love to help others get involved. I believe that a great leader isn’t interested in fame or glory, but in the experiences they bring to others, and I hope to be able to help find someone’s interest in their future career field. I enjoy getting to know new people and don’t want anybody to feel excluded from the DECA Family. If someone has felt excluded in any other organization or program, I want them to feel important and know that they are valued in DECA. I will even encourage them to completely jump in and experience all that DECA has to offer because I was scared to jump in, but I have no regrets about my decision to be fully involved within this extraordinary organization.

My name is Jace Harland. I am a DECA member at High Plains Technology Center in Woodward. I would like to run for an Oklahoma DECA State Office because I realized after Fall Leadership and DECA Competition Camp that I wanted to get more out of my DECA experience. Even though I help our DECA officer team, I am not currently a local officer. When I first came to the technology center, I was not sure what I wanted to do. After my DECA trips and meeting new friends in class, I realized it would help me become the person I have been trying to blossom into. I have talked to more people and am enjoying my new sense of being. I have very new and creative ideas from a different kind of perspective. I have a bubbly and welcoming personality that can make it easy to talk to people about DECA. I have a can-do attitude that will help DECA get more members. I am organized and well put together. I am open to bringing brand new things to DECA that people have not seen before. I enjoy showing and telling new people about DECA and what it has already helped me accomplish these past few months.

My name is Subaha Kibria, and I think that I would be the perfect candidate to run for DECA state office this year. I believe that I would be the perfect fit for a position on the council because of my hard-working nature, my determination to always find a solution, and because I have always felt the need to help and lead my peers. I know how much work comes with a position on the team, and I understand and commit to it fully. If I were to attain a position on the council, I would put my officer duties above all else, as I understand just how serious of a responsibility it is. I would love to offer another perspective to the team, and show my fellow DECA members that anything is achievable, no matter where you are from or what beliefs you have. I believe that my love for DECA as a whole would also make me the perfect candidate to run. I have seen firsthand how the organization brings in timid high school students, and releases them as strong leaders of the future. Overall, I fully accept the responsibilities that come with a role in office, and believe that I am the perfect candidate to do so.

My name is Anahi Lopez. When I entered high school, I became aware of all of the extracurriculars that were offered to students. I wanted a program that was going to put focus into me as an individual. I hope to gain management skills as well as leadership, and since I’m a people person, I wanted to make sure I could be part of a community. DECA became the solution, connecting me with my community and making me feel that I am truly part of an amazing organization. DECA helped me realize that I want to do more with my time, such as helping my peers and those within my community. Being a young hispanic female, I was raised to fall back when things got hard and let others take charge. I want to change that norm. I wish to show girls that face the same challenges as me that it is possible to break toxic household beliefs that insist that women can’t take charge. I believe that as a State Officer this is a challenge that I can not only overcome, but be the best officer I can be to my peers and Oklahoma’s future entrepreneurs.

Hi! My name is Kyle Nguyen and I’m running to be YOUR Vice President for the Oklahoma DECA State Executive Council. I would be a great fit for the team because I am responsible and have excellent time-management skills, I am adaptable, and I get along well with others. I was an officer in DECA, Business Professionals of America(BPA), and Technological Student Association(TSA), as well as outside organizations like Edmond Public School Foundation(EPSF) and Project 66, a local food bank. These experiences have honed my pre-existing skills while adding more, like being an effective communicator, a leader, and a team-player. I wish to be a candidate for the state office because I can contribute my skills learned from my experience to help the officer team. My communication skills and my planning skills will help streamline the effectiveness of the team and through that, will benefit Oklahoma DECA as a whole. As an officer, I will have the opportunity and capability to make a positive difference in a way that I could not have before on a scale much larger. I will have the chance to convey our organization’s ideals to help nurture future leaders and Entrepreneurs.

My name is Sarah Shuman and I am running to be a DECA vice president. I have chosen to run for this position because I am passionate about DECA. As a second-year member, I have grown to love everything about it. All of the events from leadership conferences to the state competition have been great. To be a part of the team that makes DECA such a wonderful program would be a wonderful experience. I want to be a state officer so I can help make DECA members truly love what they are a part of. During my time as I DECA member, I have gained confidence and been provided with many amazing opportunities. I have stepped into a role of leadership and I am ready to step out even further. I am eager to take on all responsibilities that come with the role of being a state officer because it is something that I care and I want to be as involved as possible. I want to be a state officer to help DECA to continue to be a program that inspires its members.