Candidates for Vice President – 1 candidate

Aarav Jilka

Hello Oklahoma Deca! My name is Aarav Jilka, and I am running to be on your Council 78 Oklahoma Deca State Officer team. I’m going to get straight to the point: The reason why I am running for state office is that I want to represent you. Let me explain. Too often, candidates get caught up in themselves and their own ambitions that they forget the purpose of their role. Well, the main purpose of any leader is to represent the views of their constituents, and that is exactly what I will do as a state officer. If I get elected, I want to have polls and surveys for everything because the ideas of the members are what truly matter. I want to create an open environment where anyone can submit their take on problems that inflict Oklahoma Deca because I believe Oklahoma Deca works best when we all work together and when we all have a voice. In conclusion, I am running because I want to facilitate the representation and unity of Oklahoma Deca because I believe that is what will take us to the Next Level.

Candidates for President – 4 candidates

Mackenzie Bolino

My name is Mackenzie Bolino, and I would like to serve on the Oklahoma State Executive Council. I am currently a junior at Norman North High School, and this is my third year in DECA. When I joined my first year, I assumed that DECA only offered competition-based learning; however, I quickly learned about the amazing leadership opportunities DECA offers to its members. In my Sophomore year, I served as a Competition Director, and this year I serve as the Director of Membership for my high school chapter. These experiences have taught me how to work with a team, collaborate with other DECA members to create strong organizational goals, and accomplish the tasks our officer team generates. Last year, I had the privilege of being elected to Council 78. This experience has been one that I will never forget. The skills I have gained have inspired me to look at being further involved with this great organization. If I am elected I will make sure that every DECA student’s voice is heard. I will do my best to advertise this amazing organization to increase our membership. I will lead with passion and give my fullest attention to every situation.

Abby Grand

“Why be bland, when you can be GRAND!” Abby Grand to be exact! I am running for state office because I am a born leader and it’s my time to shine! I want to lead the Oklahoma DECA Organization to be the very BEST! Choose me and I’ll work hard for ALL DECA members!

Grace Qi

Hello Oklahoma DECA! You may or may not know me, but if you don’t, hi again! My name is Grace Qi and I’m running to be a part of your 2021-2022 State Executive council. As a three-year DECA member and an already one-year state officer, I am DECA-cated (I plan on incorporating as many cheesy DECA puns as I possibly can) to making Oklahoma DECA the best it can be! My reason for running is the same as it’s always been, I want to give back to an organization that I’ve always been incredibly passionate about.

Something specific that I’ve noticed this past year serving on the council is the major disparities in different chapters depending on their school, in a time where many students can’t even see their chapters in person, this problem just grows. I want to expand on the previous team’s efforts to increase the number of resources available for ALL students while making our association NEXT LEVEL. We have LIMITLESS opportunities to shape our organization and make it better, and I know I have specific plans to do so! So say “what the hecka” and let me represent you as part of Oklahoma DECA’s Council 79!

Katie Shipp

Hi, My name is Katie Shipp and I would love to serve you on the 2021 Oklahoma DECA State Executive Council. I would be a perfect fit for the SEC because I am hardworking and reliable, as well as driven and passionate about Oklahoma DECA. Through this past year, the world as we know it changed drastically due to these unprecedented times. Nearly everything in our lives has shifted in one way or another due to the pandemic. However, one thing that has not shifted is my love for this organization. DECA has been tested in its own ways throughout this pandemic, but being a part of the innovation to continue member involvement has been extraordinary. I have absolutely loved being a part of the SEC this past year and I am proud of the work my team and I have accomplished, however, I do not feel like my work in this organization is done. If I had the opportunity to continue my work with Oklahoma DECA, I would work to improve overall communication between members and chapters and overall member involvement. I love DECA so much and It would be an honor to serve Oklahoma DECA for another year.

Delegates will get to vote on February 10th!