Candidates for Vice President – 2 candidates

Natalie Pennell

My name is Natalie Pennell, and DECA has been an incredible part of my life for three years. During my time with this organization, I have realized how many great opportunities and experiences DECA can provide people with. There are so many ways to make amazing social connections, learn valuable life lessons, and participate in activities that many other students do not. DECA helps students understand and practice what it takes to be a leader in their own lives. The organization prepares its members for their careers through management and entrepreneurship clusters, and provides effective methods for reaching goals. This has all fueled the affection and respect I have for DECA. I’m running for state office to become more involved in this great organization, and to help other DECA students take advantage of the opportunities DECA has to offer. DECA has been such a positive part of my life, and it can be the same for so many more as well. I hope to help members understand the opportunities DECA can provide, and get them more involved in the organization so they too can gain the positive experiences that will prepare them for the remainder of their lives.

Raven Owens

Hi! My name is Raven Owens and I’m a junior from Edmond Santa Fe High School, and I am running to be a member of your Oklahoma DECA State Executive Council 80. I know the impact that a strong community can have on a person’s success. Without a community surrounding me, I never would have been able to achieve the things that I have. I am running for state office in order to cultivate a greater Oklahoma DECA community. Every DECA member deserves to have a place that they can come to and know that they’re surrounded by love and support. Aside from our own DECA community, I want to make sure that we are giving back to our local community as well. Our friends, our family members, and our neighbors have poured their love into us and it’s time we give that love back. And I can spearhead this effort if given the chance. If you vote for Raven, she’ll make DECA your safe haven.

Candidates for President – 1 Candidate 

Aarav Jilka 

What is up Oklahoma DECA? My name is Aarav Jilka, and I am ecstatic to be running for DECA State office again. Serving as your VP of Leadership this past year, I have been a part of a team that has accomplished the goals that we strived for. We have increased communication via our new statewide group chat, fostered competition through DECA Combine, and furthered member engagement with a record amount of chapter visits this year. Needless to say, we took it to the Next Level and Maximized our Momentum. However, my journey is not over. In fact, I am just getting started. Last year, I observed the processes of Oklahoma DECA. I took note of the strengths and weaknesses of our organization. This year, I want to apply those lessons to do everything we have been doing, but crank it up a few notches. Oklahoma DECA, I am here to serve you and to make your time in high school as DECAmazing as possible. What can I do for you? If you have a problem, I want to fix it, and if you have a voice, I want to hear it.

Candidates for Collegiate Vice President – 1 Candidate 

Maryam Amin 

My name is Maryam Amin. I would like to run for DECA state office because I recognize the positive impact that DECA has had on me and I hope to help impact others the same way. Being in DECA has helped me grow tremendously as a person. It has taught me leadership, organization, business, marketing, and more. Through the classes, chapter meetings, competitions, and running for chapter office, I can confidently say that DECA has given me the leadership skills that will help shape my future. Not only that, but it gave me the tight-knit DECA community that I cherish. I want to run for state office because Oklahoma DECA has become a second home to me, and I truly want to see the chapter grow and prosper more every year.

Delegates will get to vote on February 16th!