Welcome Judges!

Thank you for volunteering for CDC 2024!

On this page you will find:

  • A video to walk you through what an event box looks like
  • A judge’s assignment list (as up to date as possible)
  • A map of the conference area.
  • Lunch Order Form (please fill out prior to 2/14)

DECA CDC Judge’s Instructions


  1. The event box will be in your judging area. All materials needed to judge your event are in the event box with the contents labeled.  If you have any questions about the materials, please locate the Event Director assigned to your event room.
  2. Review the Event Schedule Report (Lime Green) and make sure you have a Judge’s Evaluation Form (rubric) for each participant listed. If you are missing any rubrics for participants listed on the Event Schedule Report, please advise the Event Director in your room immediately.
  3. When the participant first comes into your judging are, have the student initial the Judge’s Evaluation Form (rubric) alongside their name(s) printed on the rubric next the Participant.
  4. Use the Judge’s Evaluation Form (rubric) to score each participant competing in your event.
  5. Please fill out the Student Performance Comment Sheet (light yellow), and place ONLY in envelope labeled “Student Performance Comment Sheets.” The comment sheet allows the participants constructive comments to improve upon for future competitions.
  6. Write the Final score for each participant to the left of their name on the Event Schedule Report (Lime Green). If you have a student that does not show up to compete, please write No Show on the Event Schedule Report to the left of their name.
  7. Final Ranking Sheet (Neon Pink): Once you have scored all participants, please complete this sheet.  If your event has more than one judge, you will need to review your individual scores and come to a consensus on where to place participants on the Final Ranking SheetThere cannot be any ties, so you will need to break any ties that occur prior to leaving.  For the participants that were No shows, please cross out the placing and write No Show at the bottom of the Ranking Sheet so all entrants are listed.
  8. Once judging is complete (please double check and make sure all participants have completed), please place the Event Schedule Report (Lime Green) and the Final Ranking Sheet (Neon Pink) in the RESULTS Deliver the entire box to the Event Director assigned to your room.
  9. Do not discuss student placing or judging of any event with chapter advisors or students. The on-site presentation is only one component of the total score. The judging needs to remain confidential until the grand awards session.
  10. All judge’s decisions are final.