SUBMISSION DEADLINE: All final events and materials by January 31, 2024 at 5:00 PM

70% Rule:

In order for members to be eligible to compete at State Conference they must submit a minimum of 70% of the maximum allowable pages. If they submit less than 70% please do not score the project.

  • For 10 page events, students must submit a minimum of 7 pages
  • For 20 page events, students must submit a minimum of 14 pages


  • Written projects may ONLY be submitted as a PDF
  • Only ONE file may be uploaded
  • If your project is created in multiple files (ex: Cover Page, Table of Contents, and body of the paper) then you can merge them all together
  • Projects should NOT include any evaluation forms or a Statement of Assurances.
  • You will sign the project electronically, and the evaluation form is built into the system.
  • Projects can be no larger than 11.9 MB