LINK/URL SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Advisors must submit all final events and materials by February 2, 2021 at 12:00 PM (noon)

Prepared event presentations may be recorded any time prior to the submission due dates.


  • All solutions must be recorded in ONE real-time presentation.
  • NO editing or visual effects/transitions may be included.
  • Individuals may choose to record from any device or through a virtual meeting platform.(Example platforms include: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FlipGrid, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, etc.)
  • Teams of 2-3 competitors must record their solution using a virtual meeting platform with side-by-side screens of the students. (Note: Select Gallery View, not Speaker View, to ensure that all participants always stay visible.)
  • The student(s) must ALWAYS be visible.
  • All presentations must be within the 15-minute maximum allowed time limit
  • Student(s) must be dressed in business professional attire for the presentation.
  • DECA blazers are encouraged, but not required.
  • Only the student(s) presenting and competing may be included in the presentation.
  • A student/team may elect to utilize a PowerPoint or slide deck during their presentation. To achieve this, students may elect to share their screen during their presentation
  • If this recording is conducted at home, it must be done in a gathering area such as a living room, dining room, or den. If the video is recorded in a bedroom or bathroom it may be immediately disqualified without notice/notification.
  • It is important to consider your background. Make sure items are neat and presentable. Consider this your office, or the location setting suited for your event.

70% Rule:

In order for members to be eligible to compete at State Conference they must submit a minimum of 70% of the maximum allowable pages. If they submit less than 70% please do not score the project.

  • For 10 page events, students must submit a minimum of 7 pages
  • For 20 page events, students must submit a minimum of 14 pages


  • Students will need to upload their video to either or and set the settings to private/unlisted. Video links/URL from any other site will not be evaluated.
  • Check with your chapter advisor for your link/URL submission deadlines
  • Students will send their link/URL to the chapter advisor, who will then submit the link/URL for submission through the event submission site.


  • Written projects may ONLY be submitted as a PDF
  • Only ONE file may be uploaded
  • If your project is created in multiple files (ex: Cover Page, Table of Contents, and body of the paper) then you can merge them all together
  • Projects should NOT include any evaluation forms or a Statement of Assurances.
  • You will sign the project electronically, and the evaluation form is built into the system.
  • Projects can be no larger than 11.9 MB