Welcome to the 2022-2023 Oklahoma DECA (Appointment) State Executive Council Interviewer Dashboard. Thank you for volunteering your time and being with us virtually this week.

There are six applicants for the three vice president positions. Each applicant’s information has been uploaded to their page, you can access it via the blue buttons below.

Each interviewer will have access to their own spreadsheet with a tab for each candidate. You can access this via the orange button below with your last name on it. There is also a copy of sample questions available.

Each interview should last no longer than 10 minutes, the first one starting at 9:15 AM. You can arrive up to thirty minutes early to the zoom meeting in order to prepare.

Interview process – Welcome the student, let them introduce themselves to you. Each interviewer may ask 1 question of their choosing, but you must ask the same question to each candidate. There is one question which will need to be asked in addition to the other questions, making it a total of four questions per candidate. That question is below in blue.

“If appointed to the 2022-2023 state executive council how do you see yourself balancing family, work, school, and CTSO responsibilities while remaining positive and producing quality work? “

After the questions are asked and answered, the “script” reading this year will be a scripted moderating of the Zoom chat box. For each candidate, please ask them to serve as the moderator of a virtual session and ask them to “watch the chat” and let the audience know what is happening.


Example Set Up (this is not what the candidate will read): 

Interviewer:  We have now reached the cold reading portion of the interview. As you know this year has been largely filled with virtual meetings and our state officers are always trying to find ways to interact with meeting participants. One of the best ways to interact in a virtual setting is through the chat box, and great virtual meetings typically have a chat box moderator. We would like you to serve as the moderator and we will type comments into the chat for you to share with our group today. Hey team, what is something  you love about Oklahoma DECA?

Each interviewer would then type their comment into the chat box, please use the same comment for each candidate.

Sample comments (you can also write your own):

“I love that Oklahoma DECA is all across our great state – from Kiamichi Technology Center to Jenks High School we represent students from many schools.”

“I love that we host competitions for every student. Role Plays are definitely my favorite.”

“I am always impressed by the way that our state executive council represents our membership.”

“I love attending CDC and ICDC!”

Please plan to save your spreadsheets with your scores/notes and send to me via email paxton.cavin@careertech.ok.gov.

Candidate applications can be found below. Most applications will contain the following:

  1. Online submission form with leadership activities, statement, and social media question answers.
  2. Resume
  3. Transcript (some were not able to obtain an official transcript for this screening)
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. Letter to apply