Voting Delegate Allocation:

Each chartered DECA chapter shall not have more than two official votes, which shall be cast by
the voting delegates present. (NOTE: In the event only one delegate represents a chapter, only
one vote may be cast. When no delegates are present, the chapter forfeits the right to vote on
all matters presented during that meeting.)

Voting Delegate Responsibilities:

Voting Delegates play an important and vital role in the election of the State Executive Council.
Therefore, it is crucial that all voting delegates including Alternate Voting Delegates understand
and agree to fulfill the following responsibilities.

Specifically, voting delegates will…

  • Read the SEC handbook thoroughly; ask questions as necessary, and abide by all
    campaign/election regulations
  •  Attend all campaign and election sessions and encourage others to attend:
    o Campaign Rally
    o Business Meeting
    o Caucus/Election
  • Vote promptly during the scheduled voting window.
  • Be prepared with charged, electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) with cellular
    data access for electronic voting.

Election/Voting Delegate Procedures:

Voting delegates will hear speeches at Opening Session. Voting delegates must also
visit the Campaign Booths to meet and talk to the candidates.

Voting delegates will then attend a meeting exclusively for voting delegates. In this meeting,
votes will be cast for the State Executive Council.

Voting delegates will be required to attend the business meeting on February 14th in order to cast their vote.


2024 CDC Voting Delegates will be able to vote for the 2024-2025 State Executive Council. Chapters will be responsible for arranging their own caucusing meetings.