Isabelle Dodge

Francis Tuttle Technology Center – Danforth Campus

Local Advisor: Abby Williams

Leadership Voice:  Nurturer

Enneagram:  1

What is your favorite DECA memory?

  • My favorite DECA memory has to be from this year’s ICDC! Being a voting delegate was such an amazing experience, as well as getting the opportunity to talk to other like-minded people from around the world! I enjoyed getting to experience this with my wonderful team and getting the opportunity to grow closer thorough the process.

Three Words to Describe Me:

  • Kind, Honest, and Dedicated. These are qualities I most aspire to exhibit!

Why did you join DECA? 

  • I joined DECA to gain experience and learn skills regarding all things business, but I gained much more than that! I love being apart of the community OK DECA has built, a community that encouraged me to do things I previously wouldn’t have even considered. DECA has helped me become more confident in myself and unafraid to do hard things.

What are your future career goals?

  • I hope to obtain a business degree in college and potentially take a career path oriented around finance. Doing DECA has definitely influenced this interest. It has allowed me to get a real taste of what different parts of the business world run like in real life, whether that is marketing, HR, finance, or any others ! I am also learning so much in the Entrepreneurship Academy at Francis Tuttle Technology  Center and hope to apply these skills in my career future!

Duties: It shall be the duty of the elected Vice President of Finance to practice the “Finance” element of the DECA Mission. Responsible for chapter budgeting, accounting and fund development efforts.