Ricardo Charqueno

Latta High School

Local Advisor: Stacy Oakley

Leadership Voice:  Creative

Enneagram:  5

What is your favorite DECA memory?

  • Out of all my memories, one of my favorite ones is being at ICDC 2022. I loved competing in my competition in my event and exploring the city of Atlanta, Georgia, especially the Georgia Aquarium. The aquarium was filled with amazing animals like the beluga whales.

What are three words to describe you:

  • Curious, caring, friendly

Why did you join DECA?

  • I joined DECA because I was in a marketing class ran by my DECA Advisor. She strongly encouraged me to participate in a competitive event at CDC. I was unsure at the time whether it would be worth the effort, but I decided to do it nonetheless. I’m so glad I decided to because it has been the single most influential part of my highschool experience.

What are your future career goals?

  • I want to become a therapist. Helping people with their mental health is something that I deeply care about and want to fulfill this through my career.

Duties: It shall be the duty of the elected Vice President of Hospitality to put into practice the “Hospitality” element of the DECA Mission. Responsible for connecting members to a welcome, value-filled, fun educational experience.

Contact: ricardocharqueno2006@gmail.com