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My DECA Story,


My DECA story began in my sophomore year of high school. I wasn’t very involved with my school because I didn’t know where to start. But I had a lot of friends in the DECA class and I knew that they all loved it so much. So I decided to apply to be in the DECA class for my Junior year. I got accepted and it has been the biggest blessing.


From the first time I walked in the door I knew DECA was different. It was more than just a class where you got to do fun projects, and hangout with cool people. It was a place where I began to grow in my leadership skills, and it began to grow my passion for business. I began to love getting up in front of the class to give a presentation. I began to love creating a business pitch. I began to love how I had to think differently to be able to sell my product to my target market.


When I came into my senior year I thought that my time in DECA was over. But, an amazing opportunity got presented to me and I couldn’t say no. I have the honor to still be in the organization I love today because Collegiate DECA is alive and flourishing in Oklahoma.


DECA has opened so many doors for me, and I am so thankful for the confident person it has created. It is one of the main reasons I am going to college to get my degree in Marketing with a Concentration in Professional Sales and Sales Management. My hope is that DECA can have the same impact on someone else’s life even after I am not in the organization anymore.


Thank you,

Hailey Brunner