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As we approach the end of this term, let’s take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary accomplishments we’ve celebrated over the past year. From our first summer DECA Camp, to an amazing Fall Leadership Conference, connecting with chapters, and fostering strong ties with every DECA member, the journey has been nothing short of exciting.

None of these milestones would have been possible without the support of our members. From active participation in events in their local chapters, our members have gone above and beyond.

The success of Council 81 this year is a collective effort. This is a testament to the collaborative spirit that strives to make Oklahoma DECA an inclusive place for all. To everyone who has contributed to this journey, thank you, and we expect even greater success in the coming years.

Serving as your President for Council 81 has been an absolute honor. This experience has been made infinitely richer by the remarkable team standing beside me.

My gratitude extends to my chapter advisor, Flan, the force driving behind every thing I do. To my chapter members, your enthusiasm at our events is the heartbeat of our chapter.

A special acknowledgment is reserved for Mrs. Cavin, whose tireless work behind the scenes. Your incredible efforts are truly commendable.

As I say farewell to my role as an officer, I am filled with awe at the transformative impact Oklahoma DECA has had on my life. Over the past four years, I’ve honed my leadership skills, forged lifelong friendships, and witnessed the collective power of this incredible organization.

To the entire Oklahoma DECA family, members and advisors alike, thank you for your support and for making this opportunity truly remarkable.

Signing Off

Reed Ragaini