DECA Headlines


This is not a goodbye, but rather a see you later. As this term comes to end, I would like to recognize all that we have achieved this past year. This past year has been utterly unpredictable, and we did the unpredictable as a response. In the midst of all the instability, we held a state leadership conference, visited chapters across the state, and connected with DECA members through online events and game shows.

However, we could not have done any of this without the help of our members. Our members were there to support us through the entire process. From attending our events to growing their local chapters, Oklahoma DECA members went above and beyond to create a community of excellence. Members are the backbone of Oklahoma DECA, and we cannot thank them enough.

Advisors, perhaps, have faced the toughest battles of this year. Even before the pandemic, advisors worked day in and day out to ensure the best for their students, but now, all their efforts are up in the air as they try to manage the ever-changing situation of COVID. Having to revise lesson plans and cancel events is work that advisors have to put in extra on top of their already busy schedules. Their work does not go unnoticed.

The success of Council 79 and this past year cannot be attributed to just one person or group, but rather the intentional work of many as they strive to make Oklahoma DECA accessible to all. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this, and we hope that the next year will bring even more success. See you later Oklahoma DECA!

-Aarav Jilka