DECA Headlines


Farewell & Thank You


It has been an honor to serve as your VP of Career Development for council 79. I am incredibly grateful for this experience and I am equally thankful for my team who has been with me through it all.


DECA has been a huge part of my life especially while I have served as two time state officer. There are so many people I want to thank for allowing me this chance to conclude my final year as high school state council member.


I would first like to thank my amazing chapter advisor for supporting me throughout my journey. I am grateful for my chapter members who bring all the excitement and thrill at our events.


Second, I would like to thank my amazing team. Abby, Grace, and Aarav. It has been amazing to work with each and every one of you. The 3 of you have become my siblings.


Abby- who is always positive and ready for anything we do.

Grace- who always allows everyone feel comfortable and heard

Aarav- who makes us laugh with his out of the box awesome ideas


I would like to thank Ms. Cavin next. She does so much work behind the scenes that many members aren’t aware of, and she is truly is incredible.


Finally, I would like to show my appreciation for all the members and advisors of Oklahoma DECA. Thank you for your support for this amazing opportunity.



These past 4 years will always hold a special place in my heart. And now…



This is Mackenzie Bolino, signing off from council 79.