LaBraia Owens

Edmond Santa Fe High School

Local Advisor: Christy Flanigan

Bio:  This future marketing advertiser and talk show host has a goal to spread love throughout the year to everyone in DECA through having more fun, spreading encouragement/spotlights, and interacting with as many members and advisors as humanly possible.  LaBraia recalls her most memorable event being when she attended ICDC in Orlando and got to see the Disney World fireworks show. She strives to be a loving and ambitious leader and calls Granger, Indiana her hometown. When LaBraia manages to find some time for herself she loves to rap, dance, FaceTime with friends, and take drives while blasting “vibey” music.

What is unique about LaBraia? She can perform the entire McDonalds rap.

Duties: It shall be the duty of the President to preside over all Executive Council meetings; to make all necessary committee appointments, including the designation of each committee chairperson; develop a program of work for the term in office; and to be available, as necessary, in promoting the general welfare of DECA.