Aarav Jilka

Edmond Santa Fe High School

Local Advisor: Christy Flanigan

Leadership Voice: Connector/Pioneer

Bio: As he strives to help DECA members find the same excitement that DECA gave him, Aarav often finds inspiration from his favorite DECA memory of winning first place in the Principles of Finance events his freshman year. His future career goals include stepping into corporations and helping them completely revolutionize their operations. In his free time Aarav enjoys listening to music and fundraising.

What is unique about Aarav? He recently was a contestant on his school’s version of the “Bachelor”


Duties: It shall be the duty of the President to preside over all Executive Council meetings; to make all necessary committee appointments, including the designation of each committee chairperson; develop a program of work for the term in office; and to be available, as necessary, in promoting the general welfare of DECA.

Contact: aarav.jilka@gmail.com