Subaha Kibria

Edmond Santa Fe High School
Local Advisor: Christy Flanigan

Leadership Voice: Connector

Enneagram:  9

What is your favorite DECA memory?

  • My favorite DECA memory has to be ICDC. Networking and meeting so many people with similar aspirations to mine really made me feel like I’m a part of something so important.

What are three words to describe you:

  • I believe three words to describe me would be determined, courageous, and kind. My determination is what motivates me to keep pushing myself past my limits, I do my best to not be afraid to make mistakes, and I keep an empathetic and open mind for all.

Why did you join DECA?

  • I joined DECA to fulfill my need for growth outside of the classroom. DECA has shaped me into a more confident and better person overall by providing me with so many learning opportunities.

What are your future career goals?

  • Though I may not be exactly sure which career path I want to take, I know that DECA has shown me that there are truly so many to choose from. I want to explore as many career choices as I can before making a set decision, but I look forward to graduating high school and going to university!

Duties: It shall be the duty of the elected Vice President of Leadership to practice the “Emerging Leaders” element of the DECA Mission, including all non-competitive event career and leadership activities; and to be available, as necessary, in promoting the general welfare of DECA.