Aarav Jilka

Edmond Santa Fe High School
Local Advisor: Christy Flanigan

Leadership Voice:  Connector

Bio:  This leader from Edmond Santa Fe High School says that his best qualities are being interested and interesting. Aarav’s favorite part about DECA is that one has the opportunity to connect with leaders from all sorts of backgrounds through competition, community service, and other events. Whether one has the opportunity to connect with another CTSO or students from their community it is always worthwhile.

What is unique about Aarav? He is on a boy band dance team made up of 5 guys who compete annually during Edmond’s philanthropy week.

Duties: It shall be the duty of the elected Vice President of Leadership to practice the “Emerging Leaders” element of the DECA Mission, including all non-competitive event career and leadership activities; and to be available, as necessary, in promoting the general welfare of DECA.

Contact:  aarav.jilka@gmail.com