DECA Headlines


This month I am pleased to share with you my DECA story. When I joined DECA during my Freshman year I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but as time went on I have been granted with such an amazing opportunity to learn, connect, and grow as a person. I have been lucky enough to exercise my leadership for my local chapter for the past three years serving as our Director of Competition as well as one year being the Director of Membership.


I am equally grateful for being given the chance to serve my second year on the State Executive Council as the VP of Career Development. Leadership has always been an important part of my life and I am here because I wish to give back to this wonderful organization. One of my favorite memories while on this journey has been the recent Fall Leadership Conference. Having the chance to be back in person and meet all of our outstanding members while hosting the conference has been everything I could ever wish for! I am so grateful for these experiences and I look forward to creating more amazing memories at the upcoming state conference in February.


-Mackenzie Bolino