DECA Headlines


Being a part of DECA means you need to be able to promote our organization under any circumstance. With that said- today I will be discussing some Fun Ways to Talk about DECA to Family and Friends! Now with the holidays quickly approaching, you’ll most likely be in a situation where you can discuss all the benefits of joining DECA. Be sure to enthusiastically share your favorite memories–whether it’s from FLC, CDC, or participating in events with your local chapter!

It is equally important to know how to bring up DECA in a random situation! For example, say you and a friend went on a road trip and now are lost in the middle of a desert and you have no idea where you are–plus there is no cell phone service. Overall it’s not looking good. Let me illustrate how to transition to DECA in this scenario:

Friend- “This is terrible, we are clearly lost, and it is getting dark. So, how are we going to find the right path?”

You- “Gosh this is concerning, but you know what isn’t concerning.. DECA! DECA helps prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high school and colleges around the globe.”

Friend- “Wait what? This sounds awesome!!”

You- “I know right! We may not know where we are going at this moment, but with DECA, we can explore our interests that lead us on a path to give us skills for the real world.”

Friend- “Wow, let’s walk this way- we need to get back to civilization so I can join!”

By using these tips, you’ll be an expert at bringing up DECA at any time!

-Mackenzie Bolino