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Latta DECA Carries on Tradition for 20 Years


“Paying it Forward”


Raising the first $415.00 in the first week of school was the goal once again accomplished by Latta DECA for the Pontotoc County United Way.  The club led by Stacy Oakley has been donating at least the first $100.00 of the year to United Way for the last 20 years. Latta DECA has raised over $8000.00 for Pontotoc County United Way since August, 2000.  The 20-21 president of the organization is Xavier Hamilton and Vice Presidents Ryler Rich and Elizabeth Acree.  Vice President Elizabeth Acree raised the most out of the group leading with $150.00.  The group consists of 75 8th – 12th grade marketing students at Latta School.  James Jackson is the director of Pontotoc County United Way.  Latta DECA believes that donating to the United Way services is a way of paying it forward.  Each citizen in Pontotoc County uses a United Way service at one time or another.


-Member Submission, Latta DECA Chapter