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We are getting closer to DECA state each day and now is the time to start getting ready for all of your competitions. Competing is one of my favorite things at CDC; the adrenaline pumping through your veins, the moment where you get in the groove and can prove to the judge that you know what you are doing, and the proud sense of accomplishment you feel when you march out of the room after a job well done. In this article I want to share some personal tips that I have learned from my time and hopefully you can use them to grow your confidence and feel as prepared as possible for DECA state.

The three most important things to remember are:

  1. Be confident- Keep your shoulders high with a smile on your face and walk up to your judge with confidence. That person on the other side of the table can tell when you are confident and even if you don’t feel it fake it and it will possibly help your score.
  2. Pre-prepare- I know you might be thinking, “ But I have a role play. How am I supposed to do that?” There is lots of practice role plays out there and the more you practice the better you’ll feel walking in on the 18th. Don’t just practice for your events, take practice tests too. They will only help your overall score.
  3. Keep going- Everyone messes up at some point in their event, it is bound to happen. It is how you recover and keep going that matters the most. Don’t stop just find a way to tie that back in and get back on track. Don’t ask the judge to start over. No mistake is big enough to start over just keep going the past is in the past and you can recover.

I know you all have the power to rock your events at CDC 2020 and I’m so excited to see what you can do. Use the resources out there. Lots of people have done exactly what you are doing and understand and want to help. Now is the time so get practicing Oklahoma DECA.


-Kyla Ellis

OK DECA VP of Leadership