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So… Fall Leadership Conference is just around the corner. You may be a DECA member who is a little bit confused. What exactly can you expect from this conference? As a joint leadership conference with BPA, it is different from the usual events we host, but with it comes a unique set of surprises. Here are my Top 5 things to do at FLC in no particular order!


  1. Attend workshops – This year, your very own state officers (including yours truly) are hosting workshops that range in topic from leadership, how to work your position as a chapter officer, and how to manage your time. These workshops are 30 minute action-packed trips that will leave you wanting more!
  2. Networking – FLC is the only time when you’re able to see all your buddies from across the state who are in both BPA and DECA. Make the most of it by networking with other members at FLC. After meeting someone, ask for their number or social media to keep in touch with them after FLC! 
  3. Keynote Speaker – This year’s keynote speaker, Juan Bandaña, is truly a remarkable one. He is one of the top youth motivational speakers in the country and is an expert in leadership and inspiring others to lead. Make sure to take notes during his keynote speech and share those valuable lessons with your chapter back home!
  4. Community service – At FLC, we will have many opportunities to serve the community. After lunch, you will have the option to choose amongst a variety of community service stations to give back to the community. These stations are undisclosed at the moment, but the causes range all the way from veteran appreciation to children in the hospital. 
  5. Take Notes – This FLC will be NOTEWORTHY. There will be lessons to be learned at every scribble along the way, so make sure to keep a tiny notebook and pen on you at all times. See you there!


-Aarav Jilka

VP of Leadership