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Emerging Leaders Summit was just an amazing experience to get to know leaders from all over that are in the same organization. To me I was never involved with something so big until I got introduced to DECA and was able to acknowledge the fact that not only is it in my area but in many areas. ELS really introduced me more about what I could do to better my chapter individually and as a team! We all gathered and shared our own ways we plug in students to our organization and how we have outlets to entertain and share info about what our purpose is and how we are able to help future members. Attending this virtual summit was just so fun although it was a different setting and just those who helped it come together regardless of the change, made it more meaningful! The Next Level is more than just what it is phrased and I can’t wait to share the lessons with my DECA Family here in Oklahoma! 

-Daisy Aguilar

OK DECA VP of Finance