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Are you interested in running to be a state officer?

Are you trying to be more involved in DECA?

Do you want to further your leadership?

Well then Oklahoma DECA is waiting for you!

Being a state officer is a lot of work but truly is a life changing experience.
Oklahoma DECA is looking for not only DECAcated members, but people with a drive to help
DECA members on a higher level. Being a state officer consists of monthly meetings with
your council in Stillwater, chapter visits to Oklahoma chapters, fun DECA community service
opportunities, leadership camps and conferences, an amazing team, and way more!

The officer application packet is available ( This
packet will consist of a schedule of meetings, forms, a checklist of things you need to submit and more!

I have only been a state officer for a year and it has been a dream. You truly get to
inspire people on a different level. I truly recommend running to be a state officer! I know
I’m running again! Hey and maybe we can be on a team together!


-LaBraia Owens

OK DECA VP of Marketing