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Wondering why we participate in DECA month during November? Your 2019-2020 state officers have written about why they DECA month.

LaBraia Owens…What does DECA Month mean to me? Well when I was a freshman I heard of DECA month and saw DECA week at my school and I didn’t understand why we were celebrating DECA. Yes, it is an amazing organization and yes I loved DECA but I just didn’t understand. My sophomore year of DECA, I was an officer for DECA and it was my second year as a member. We planned our DECA week, planned our night event, and even did announcements on the intercom. Why all of this was fun and certainly a good time, I still didn’t understand why we celebrated DECA Month in November. It didn’t take me being me until my junior year to truly understand DECA month and why we celebrate it. DECA Month is a month of time to recognize or accomplishments, spread the word of DECA to other students, and to come together as one big happy DECA Family.

So you ask me what DECA Month means to me… DECA Month is a blessing that I’m glad I have the privilege of participating in.

I get to tell people at my school about DECA and what an amazing organization it is. I get to fellowship with my Edmond Santa Fe DECA family, my Oklahoma DECA family, and my DECA family around the world. Thanks to DECA Month I get a chance to be with my family.

Xavier Hamilton…What’s So Great About DECA Month?

November is full of many things: Thanksgiving, a break from school, and DECA month! Every day of the month we celebrate DECA month by remembering a specific day that makes us uniquely awesome! Of course, we, on the State Executive Council were participating just as hard as I know all of y’all did. For me, I had a few takeaways from it.

My first takeaway from DECA month is how big we, as an organization, are. It’s very easy to think of DECA on just the State and chapter level, but we can’t forget that we stretch across the globe. Through social media platforms, it couldn’t become more evident how we take the DECA name and put new meanings behind it. Through original projects, to our chapters traditions, you’ll never meet a boring chapter!

That brings me to my next point: DECA month is a great way to showcase how active our members are to everything they put their minds to. As many of you may or may not know, the official Oklahoma State DECA Instagram and Facebook post something for each day of DECA month. Through that, we got to see and share some of our member’s favorite memories, traditions, and so much more! If you want to check it out, all you need to do is look up Oklahoma DECA Instagram and Facebook.

Overall, any time that we take to come together as not only DECA members, but as friends and those looking to make new ones is something we all should be proud of. I think that this year was a terrific success, and I’m quite confident that next year’s DECA month will be even better!


Kyla Ellis…What a great month Oklahoma DECA. Thank you to all the chapters that sent us photos and followed along with us. We love to feature you on our social media, so send us anything you have!

My main take away from DECA month is that Oklahoma DECA is doing great things and your chapters are always challenging yourselves to think bigger, serve those around you, and bond as a chapter. Even though DECA month is technically over we don’t have to stop showing off all that our chapters do. Continue to post and connect with those in your community and making a big impact.

Keep being DECA’mazing Oklahoma DECA!

Valerie Castro…As we start the new month, I want to take time and talk about November. No I don’t mean Thanksgiving or what I did over the break. I want to talk about the wonderful month that is dedicated to DECA.

Throughout the month many different chapters were able to participate in days about DECA! I learned a new way to make a diamond, someone’s favorite reason to be a member, DECA traditions and my favorite out of them all would have to be spreading love. I enjoyed being able to read so many chapter responses and see such wonderful pictures.

One of my favorite things beside the social media posts that will help me in the long run was the workshop I attended. I want to recognize Mr. Wilson from Norman North for hosting the competition workshop. I was able to learn so many tips and I feel better prepared come competition. I met so many people at the workshop and was able to make new friends.

November was definitely one of the most informative and exciting months thus far. I can’t wait to see new memories being made and hopefully see more reasons on why people decided to join DECA.

Austin Long…This past month was DECA month! It was so great to see all the chapters, and members who participated, on our @oklahomadeca Instagram.

Getting to see all the chapter photos, reminded me how DECA is just a big family.

It’s almost like looking at a family photo album, knowing that these people have something in common with you. Some of the faces you recognize, and others you want to find out who they are, and how they became apart of the DECA family. I also enjoyed hearing about members favorite experiences, because it reminds me of all the great times that I have had in DECA. It is also helpful to keep in mind as we get ready for CDC, coming up in February. I want this CDC to be the most memorable CDC yet, I can’t wait to see all of you there. Thank you for participating in DECA month! Happy Holidays!