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Edmond Memorial High School
Local Advisor: Kim Walters

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Bio:  This senior from Edmond believes that phenomenal leaders are bold, outgoing, and lead by example. Kyla joined DECA to be a servant leader to others in the organization and constantly strives to be a positive role model. When this aspiring business event planner isn’t busy being “DECA-cated” she enjoys golfing, singing, and planning.

Hey DECAmazing members!! My name is Kyla Ellis and I’m your State VP of Leadership.

I am a incoming senior at Edmond Memorial High School.

A few fun facts about me: 
I’m a lefty
I played on varsity golf for three years at Memorial
I have been to Ecuador and Honduras in the past year

3 words to describe me:

Favorite place to eat:
Iron star barbecue

Favorite show:
Full house

Favorite DECA memory:
At State during my sophomore year after competing in my event, I didn’t even expect to make the stage for awards, and I ended up winning first place! My advisor said she has never seen someone’s face look quite like mine (a mix of excitement, shock, and the possibility of passing out).