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Hello everyone my name is Hailey Brunner and I am your Oklahoma Collegiate DECA State Executive Vice President. I am beyond excited to be on such an amazing team and I am proud to represent DECA and see to the development of Oklahoma’s Collegiate chapters!

Today I will be talking about why DECA matters after high school. DECA matters after high school for three main reasons: networking, business development, and career readiness. Networking is one of the most crucial ways to get prepared to go into the business workforce, and you can do this in DECA by going to FLC and CDC and meeting others who have a passion for business. At FLC you will go to workshops where you can meet your Career Tech State Officers such as myself and the rest of my team which is a great opportunity to engage with your officers! At CDC you will have the opportunity to compete where you will gain valuable knowledge about how to present yourself in a professional manner. Also at this conference you will get exposed to the other chapters of DECA in Oklahoma which could be a great resource to build your connections all around the state. Furthermore, at these conferences you will learn how to develop your interpersonal skills, which will help you when working with coworkers and also when working with people above you at a company. Additionally, in DECA you will grow in your business skills through gaining knowledge on how to ace an interview, how to build a professional resume, and how to grow your connections through networking. Through DECA you could potentially find advisors or mentors who could connect you with job opportunities further widening your connections. These are just a few reasons as to why DECA is important after high school, and if you would like more information you can visit our website at

DECA has given me such amazing opportunities to develop my skills, and I just hope that you Maximize your Momentum this year with DECA!

Hailey Brunner

Collegiate Vice President