DECA Headlines


As You may know the State DECA Officers and I went to this camp called Career Tech University held at Camp Tulakogee in Wagner, Oklahoma.

You might be wondering what exactly is CTU?

CTU is a camp where the State Officers from the seven Career Tech Student Organization’s get together, and we have leadership training to help us become better leaders. Which will help us to be better State Officers this year. This was an awesome time, and the officer team and I learned many important skills that will help us when preparing for Fall Leadership Conference and help us prepare for State Career Development Conference.

I learned how to run an effective workshop, so that we can make our workshops for FLC fun and enjoyable for then members, but also informative.

We also learned how to maintain a social media as an Officer Team this helps us to keep you informed on important information this upcoming year. 

This camp wasn’t just for us to learn how to be a leader, but it was also for us to learn how to make our organization better for the future of DECA. As State Officers that is our goal to better our Organization, so that it helps to emerge the leaders.

CTU also allows us to network with the State Officers from the other Career Tech Student Organizations, which also helps DECA because we can share solutions to difficulty’s that some of the other organizations may have faced. Making us able to overcome difficulties in the future for ourselves. We were also able to make new friends, which as you know is always a great thing. All together the time spent at CTU is time well spent making new connections, learning valuable skills, and preparing for this upcoming year. We are looking forward to seeing what all our outstanding members will accomplish this year.

-Austin Long

Latta High School