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Howdy Oklahoma DECA! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. As we enter the seventh month of the 2019-20 year, I’d like to share the goals your State Executive Council has set to accomplish for the year.

The first goal we’ve set is to increase membership within Oklahoma DECA.

Of course, I’m sure you’ve heard that from every officer team that came before. However, we truly believe that we can achieve this by giving YOU the resources to go out into the community of your chapter and to show them the friendly and helpful face of Oklahoma DECA. Not only can we help through email, but you can schedule an officer visit by filling out the form at 

The second goal we have for the year is to better the communication between different chapters and the State Executive Council.

Being a business organization, having connections and being able to make and communicate with them are very important. We believe the best way to build these networks is to start from within and to work outward. Having over 2,400 members across the State, there are plenty of chances to create new networks and relationships with members you might not have otherwise made. The way we plan on going about this is to get in contact with chapters and discussing different projects or small, local events multiple chapters can work on together. We believe such interactions will work spades in building a more connected Oklahoma DECA. Not only do we want chapters to interact more, but we want to get to know YOU too! If you ever have any questions for us, you can find our contact information at or visit our Instagram and/or Facebook (search Oklahoma DECA for both).

The last goal we have for the year is to better recognize YOU for all YOUR accomplishments.

We understand that our members are very active in their communities and are always contributing in some way. That’s why we believe it’s important that we take the time to recognize these individuals for their outstanding work. We will be posting a post on social media congratulating these individuals every week. To enter, someone must enter your name to the State Executive Council or the State Advisor (Paxton Cavin) with a description of why you deserve recognition.

These are the goals your State Executive Council has set out to accomplish for the 2019-20 year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the State Officers or the State Advisor.

Here We Go!

-Xavier Hamilton

Latta High School