DECA Headlines


I recently had the opportunity to attend ELS (DECA’s Emerging Leader Summit). Over the course of three days, I learned about leadership and gained essential skills that will enable me to be a more effective DECA leader. After taking part in this conference, I am even more excited about being a state officer and helping to lead the Oklahoma chapter. All of the lessons were incredibly valuable, but one of my favorite sessions focused on equality versus equity. Equality means that students have the same resources wherever they might be; equity means that resources are fairly distributed across schools—in other words, larger schools, with more students, may have more resources than smaller schools, which need fewer resources. This lesson spoke to me because I know that, in the state of Oklahoma, not every school offers the same opportunities. Even if some schools have more (or less) resources than others, the distribution of resources and opportunities should still be fair and equitable. This lesson has further convinced me that I need to do my part to ensure that every school in Oklahoma has what it needs to serve its students. Overall, I am thankful for being able to take part in this insightful seminar with my fellow officers.


-Mackenzie Bolino

Oklahoma DECA Vice President of Leadership