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Oklahoma DECA knows that nothing will truly replace ICDC 2020 in Nashville, but together we have put together a celebration of our members! Virtually.

Before we get too far into the week, lets hear from your newly elected 2020-2021 State Executive Council who has been hard at work preparing this virtual experience for you.



I would like to give a big thanks to Oklahoma DECA for electing me to serve as an Oklahoma DECA state vice president. I am truly honored by the trust you have instilled in me. My heart is still smiling! On behalf of Oklahoma DECA, I will do my absolute best on focusing on expanding the state membership of DECA. Another one of my goals is to enhance the bond between the State officers and chapter officers. You can depend on me to encounter ingenious ways to expand our membership as well as work on communication skills so that we can all work together as a team to make this year DECAmazing!


A year and a half ago I was just an eager freshman entering highschool with no idea what to expect, and now I have a passion and an amazing family within DECA. My love for DECA caught me by surprise and when I first joined I would have never expected to be where I am today. I love Oklahoma DECA with my whole heart and I could not be more proud to be a part of such an amazing organization. 

Thank you so much to all Oklahoma DECA members for supporting me through this process and for electing me for the 78th State Executive Council. The members are truly what make this organization what it is and Oklahoma DECA wouldn’t be this amazing without each and everyone of you. Thank you to my Edmond North chapter and Advisor Mrs.Inselman for the endless love and support! 

I am beyond excited to see what this year holds! I cannot wait to meet as many of you as I can! This year OK DECA is going to do big things and I can feel it! One of the main reasons I first joined DECA is because of the sense of community it brought, it really made me feel like I’m a part of something so much bigger than myself, and I really want to spread that feeling all across Oklahoma. With the state of the world right now everything is kind of up in the air, but Oklahoma DECA is going to come out stronger than ever with an amazing year to come! Thank you so much to everyone who believes in me and made my election for the SEC possible, I couldn’t have done it without y’all!


Oklahoma DECA, I love you! I can not express how thankful I am to have had the privilege of serving as your former State Vice-President of Marketing! I loved every moment of it. This past year was truly a blessing and one of the best gifts I could have ever asked for! To Council 77 I thank you guys! You were my first state officer team ever. I will always remember the fun moments, the memories, and the laughs we all shared! The bond I formed with each and everyone of you is deeper than I could have ever imagined and hoped for! I’m glad I can call each one of you my forever DECA friends. Thank you guys so much! DECA is one of the only things that makes me feel truly important, loved, and special. Meeting, bonding, and laughing with you guys at CDC aka DECA State was the highlight of my year. Thank you guys for supporting me, encouraging me, and cheering me on as I obtained my new position as your 2020-2021 Oklahoma DECA State President! As your president this year, I have a lot of plans and goals which definitely includes meeting as many of you as I can. I plan to help communication between the State level and the chapter/ member level, I plan to increase interaction between chapters, and I plan to show my love, and thankfulness to you DECA members with awards, giveaways, and more! Although I have a lot of plans and goals that I will get done, the one thing I can really promise you is that I will try my very best to be the best president you’ve seen yet! This year will hold lots of laughs, forever memories, and an unforgettable DECA family! If you don’t know my personality all I can say is that I am the definition of a party and this year is going to be a party with me as your president!


I hope everyone is doing well while social distancing and finishing school from home. I first want to take this opportunity to thank the members of Oklahoma DECA for electing me. I am very grateful for your support and will do my best to serve you!

Let’s face it, the end of this academic year has been a bit of a disappointment because of ICDC being canceled. It’s okay to feel a sense of loss about all of the missed opportunities that have been caused by the pandemic. But we also need to be optimistic about the upcoming academic year, and so I wanted to share some of my hopes for what we have to look forward to.

Of course, my greatest hope is that we all stay healthy and are able to have a fairly normal year. I want Oklahoma DECA to offer many exciting activities and learning opportunities that will not only help us develop our knowledge, skills, and abilities but also help us develop close friendships and good working relationships.

As a DECA officer, I will do my best to help everyone be prepared for our state and national competitions. I realize that some local chapters may have fewer resources than others, and my goal is to help ensure that everyone has the resources they need to have a successful year.

I want to give all students a chance to thrive, not only competition-wise but also in terms of leadership. Every student is unique, and I believe that strong leadership is something important for everyone to learn. I also welcome your ideas for how we can better serve you and help make DECA an incredible experience for all of us, wherever you may be in this great state.

Again, I know these are difficult times, but I hope you will remain optimistic and excited for what’s to come. Take care and stay safe!


Hey Oklahoma DECA! It’s me, Grace, and I just wanted to say thank you all for electing me to be one of your 2020-2021 state vice presidents. I am incredibly honored and excited that I have the opportunity to serve you all with some amazing people together on Council 78 and help represent OK DECA this upcoming year.

Investing is a big part of success, and I plan on investing a lot into my term to serve every single Oklahoma DECA member to the best of my ability. I hope this year will bring our association to the next levelnot only in membership but also recognized internationally as a strong competitor at ICDC! Building upon what state officers from the previous years have already done, I’m positive that this year is going to be DECA-MAZING, no matter what curveballs life throws at us.

So thank you, and most of all, I hope this year will continue to unlock new doors of opportunity for Oklahoma DECA!


Oklahoma DECA, I want to express my genuine appreciation from everyone’s support for electing me for your State Executive Council Vice President. I enjoyed meeting many DECA members who told me their own memories and experiences they have been through because of the DECA program. Now representing your SEC I would like to grow with you and make more memories throughout the next level. My enthusiasm for the SEC position has beeen strengthened considerably as a result from CDC and I am confident that this year will be unforgettable. I hope this year brings excitement and confidence to finish this year strong while being DECAmazing!

Have a wonderful ICDC Week, Oklahoma DECA! Stay Safe and we will see you on social media! #OKICDC2020