DECA Headlines


If you had told me that a class I joined on a whim would become such an important part of my life, I would have never believed you. Well jokes on me, because now 3 years into my DECA career, checking the little box next to “business” on the course catalog sheet is now a conscious decision. I am so incredibly lucky and thankful to have had the opportunity to be in DECA for my entire high school career, and it truly seemed from the moment I walked into class my freshman year, like a whole world of new possibilities was opened for me. I’ve made so many new friends through this organization that I cherish to this day and have met leaders that I look up to and strive to emulate in my own leadership style. My school’s DECA chapter was the first place I was able to feel comfortable speaking up to advocate for ideas that I thought could improve the program, and I feel the same way even now as someone on the State Executive Council, constantly being pushed to my limits but enjoying every step of the way. Thankful really can’t encapsulate all the feelings I have for this organization, so I’d just like to say, thank you DECA. Thank you to all the members that I have had the opportunity to represent, and thank you for letting me grow into who I am today!


– Grace Qi, VP of Career Development