DECA Headlines

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Have you ever been in a situation where you are in your official attire and someone asks why are you dressed up? Or what is the organization on your blazer?

Well, here comes the elevator speech.

The elevator speech is a short and sweet introduction of the organization you are representing. The speech consists of three things and they are very essential.

Those three things are: think, feel and act.

Starting with think, it introduces the fast facts. These facts play a huge role in the elevator speech. You might ask, well what are fast facts? They are the basic essential facts of the organization in which you are apart of, it tells what it represents or what it offers.

Next, you have feel, this consists of your story and by that I mean what the organization means to you and what it has done for you. Quick tip, always speak with passion to avoid the loss of interest.

Now onto the third and final step of the speech. That is the act, this is what the listener decides to do with the information given. It is always helpful to inform someone on different ways they could stay involved with the organization. Whether it being through social media or the official organization website. Being able to provide someone with the correct information on the organization while remaining factual and passionate will reflect well on you and the organization.

Always remember when giving your speech to remain confident and subtle! Keep in mind, the speech can go however you want it, what ever order you’d like and how you choose to represent your organization. Lastly, giving your elevator speech should not sound rehearsed. When you speak genuinely about your organization or your story it allows the listener to understand what the organization is and what it has done for you.

-Valerie Castro

Putnam City High School