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Hello Advisors,


My name is Aarav Jilka. I am the Vice President of Leadership for Oklahoma DECA, and I am beyond excited to get this year on the road!

I wanted to give a rundown on how this year will look. Some good news to get us started – As of right now, we plan to have all our events be in-person. However, this could change at any time depending on COVID. Thankfully, we have learned to be flexible this past year!

Our first event of the year is Dodger’s Day on September 21. This is an all-day event where we will be watching the Dodger’s game as well as receiving a presentation by a few of the executives and sports business professionals. The cost is $13 per person.

Fall leadership conference or FLC will be back and better this year on October 18th. It will be held in Norman this year, and the theme is Noteworthy. Registration for FLC closes on September 10, so make sure to sign up!  Finally, for DECA month (November), we plan to host a statewide event for Oklahoma DECA members. This is still in the works, so stay on the lookout for that.

We also have several classroom resources available to use on the Oklahoma DECA Website such as our virtual crosswords, scavenger hunts, videos etc. On the website, our Oklahoma DECA shop is up and running. We are selling water bottles, fanny packs, chargers and more!

For more details, please visit the Oklahoma DECA website or ask away!

Looking forward to a DECA-mazing year!

Aarav Jilka

VP of Leadership