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“What do you want to do once you graduate?” A constant question that every student face. High school is a four-year time period where each student tries to identify who they are and want to be. This is the time to make friends, volunteer, be leaders, obtain important knowledge, and define what career fields they want to work in.

For me, I have always been passionate and determined in what I pursue. From my freshman to my senior year, I had the chance to obtain new experiences and to explore different types of careers. Yet, the biggest challenge I have faced is figuring out who I am and who I want to be.

My first two years of high school, I enrolled in Intro to Engineering along with Principles of Engineering. The idea of being in control from planning to producing a product has always fascinated me. The teamwork, organizing, presenting, analyzing facts, creating, and generating ideas captivated my attention. I found myself enjoying working under stress, that I thrive on stress. Unfortunately, the engineering career path did come to an end. After exploring new options, I found myself interested in journalism/photography. My sophomore year, I became active on the Westmoore Advanced Publications and Yearbook team. I took this opportunity to learn, love, and appreciate the aspect of photography. At the end the year, I decided on a new path and enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Program at Moore Norman Technology Center.

After being accepted into program, I had endless opportunities to pursue my passion for business.  By enrolling in the Entrepreneurship Program, I am also a member for both DECA and BPA. Before the class, I have never heard of either organization. I never knew how I could fall in love head over heels with an organization. That was until I joined DECA. Why did I join DECA? The organization have helped me realize that I have the potential to be a leader in the world of business regardless of my background.

For the first time in my high school career, I found a place where I felt that I belonged. This was the first time that I had the freedom to learn on my own. I loved it, I love the opportunities, the passion, drive, commitment, and positive energy that is radiant across the association.

The moment I put on my DECA blazer, I am another person. My confidence and personality skyrockets it the best way possible. are a competitive organization, we push for innovation, self-improvements and learning knowledge that assist us in getting ahead of our career path.

To this day, I am stilled awed by the talents our members have and offer. I am talking about students who will be the leaders of ours, tomorrows and the future generation. DECA has changed me in every aspect I did not think was possible. The members, the resources, networking, education, passion, and dedication.

Yen Nhi Le
Vice President of Hospitality