DECA Headlines


Valerie Castro:

Are you hesitant on joining DECA?

Is there something that isn’t grabbing your attention?
Trust me, I understand how it can be when it comes to joining something new. We all need that one thing to help make the final decision. As you become a first year member, you aren’t quite sure what DECA is and why people are involved in it. All you know is you make cookies and you have to prepare for a competition. You aren’t too sure what the competition is like so you begin to get nervous about attending CDC, questioning if you really want to go.

Would you believe me if I told you there was more to CDC than competing? Well let me tell you what else there is to look forward to…

You’re surrounded by so many people at CDC, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want
to make new friends. Not only that but you’re able to meet officers from the State Executive
Council team. You can meet other members and see their reasons on why they joined DECA. You’re also able to see many of the other competitions at CDC if you didn’t already. Throughout the whole conference you gain something new. Whether that’s how to become an officer, how to better prepare for your competition, what type of competitions there are and just see what CDC is really like. You get the opportunity to see what it’s like to be in a one on one business professional setting. You gain the experience of going to a conference and stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing what DECA is all about!


Austin Long:

By attending CDC, you obtain many great things! You are able to put your marketing skills to use in our competitions. You are able to network with people all over the state! The connections that you make here can last you a life time. You will also hear from an amazing speaker, who will inspire you to be the leader that you already are. That’s what CDC is designed for – making you become a leader in your chapter and your school. I am so excited, and I can’t wait to see you all at CDC!

Kyla Ellis:

CDC (also known as DECA state) is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. For the last two years I have competed in hospitality events and it is because of this that I have decided to major in hospitality and tourism management in college. That is something I would have never dreamed of had it not been for DECA showing me my personal strengths and leadership capabilities. At DECA state I have made so many new friends who I am still close with to this day and it gives you a place outside of the classroom to connect with your chapter. CDC will forever hold so many of my favorite memories and times I will never forget. CDC isn’t something that you have to attend, it is something that you should want to attend.

LaBraia Owens:

Attending Oklahoma DECA State (CDC) was one of the best times of my life. State you meet your best friends there,you compete, you have fun with your chapter, and you just fall in love with DECA. Or at least I fell in love. My first time going to State was my freshman year. I was actually terrified to compete and I was competing in two categories. I barely even knew what a role play was. I had just gotten into DECA second semester and of coarse I knew some things about DECA because my sister was in it. But not a lot about STATE! Through competing I gained courage, presentation etiquette, improv skills, and to continue to have a positive attitude even if you don’t get first. When I went to opening session and closing session, I got the opportunity to meet some of my best friends there and watch my sister get elected as a DECA State Officer!

I encourage everyone to go to State! I promise you will learn so much, have a blast, and hey you get to meet me one of your DECA State Officers… me!